Order Standard Process & MediHerb supplements

Although Dr. Ruckel is retiring at the end of 2018, he will still nutritionally consult via e-mail @ charlesruckeldc@gmail.com.  If you order online via Standard Process Direct, Dr. Ruckel will nutritionally consult for free. Ordering online is easy and the supplements will be mail directly to you. The patient direct code to order is XZCCYC. Click the blue link above to register. If a patient wishes to nutritionally consult and not order supplements online via Standard Process Direct, Dr. Ruckel will consult for $50.00 per session. Payment for consultations only will be by check at present. If you have questions for family or friends, there is also no cost as long as the supplements are ordered via your account or they can set up their own account.

Dr. Ruckel plans to continue his nutritional studies in retirement, and thus keep current and keep expanding his database of knowledge. The nutritional supplements available via Standard Process Direct ordering will be the entire Standard Process and MediHerb lines. Often, but not always, a supplement we had you on, not in these lines may have an equivalent replacement available. We will let you know. Our staff will be more than happy to help you get online and start ordering. Thank you for all of your understanding. Please ask us in person or call us with any questions.