Dr. Ruckel has been extensively studying nutrition for over 35 years.  His objective has been to find the worlds finest nutritional supplements and utilize them with his family, staff and patients.  He believes strongly in food based nutrition rather than the use of synthetic vitamins.

Dr. Ruckel uses products from Standard Process Labs which has over 1,300 acres of organic farm land in Wisconsin.  They grow over 30 different crops and process them at their state of the art facilities.  He also utilizes Medi Herb herbal products, which is the #1 herbal company in Australia and was founded by one of the top herbalists in the world, Kerry Bone.  Click on the link below to visit the Standard Process and Medi Herb website.


Conditions that we have found respond well to Nutritional Therapy:

• Fatigue, low energy, adrenal disease
• Women’s hormonal problems- menstrual and menopausal complaints
• Blood sugar imbalances
• Thyroid conditions
• Dry skin, weak/ splitting nails, limp or falling hair
• Muscle and leg cramps
• Insomnia- inability to fall or stay asleep
• Poor memory/ forgetfulness/poor concentration
• Poor digestion, gas, constipation or diarrhea
• Varicose veins or hemorrhoids
• Frequent infections/ lowered immunity
• Urinary tract infections/ weak kidneys or bladder
• Tendency to bruise easily
• Support for eye and vision conditions
• Sinus and allergy conditions
• Heart and cardiovascular support
• Joint and bone support- osteoporosis and osteopenia
• Arthritis
• Depression/ mood disorders
• Anti aging and anti disease protocols
• Infertility
• Nutritional support for patients undergoing cancer treatment
• Nervous exhaustion
• Nutritional support during pregnancy
• Cold sore/fever blisters
• Cold hands and feet/poor circulation
• Auto- immune conditions
• Liver disorders
• Nail fungus/athlete’s foot

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