life vessel

The Life Vessel is a FDA cleared, Class II medical device that incorporates full spectrum light, sound in the form of specific music, and resonance and frequency modulation. It utilizes an infrared light source to facilitate an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels to the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, light, and sound delivers the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy.

Relaxation provides benefits to the body that include:

 Stress reduction
 Better sleep
 Higher energy levels
 Stronger cognitive abilities
 Enhanced immune system
 Increase oxygen level to cells
 Increase blood circulation

An additional benefit to stress reduction is the ability to balance an individual’s autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls bodily functions which we have little or no conscious control- such as digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, and the operation of major organs and glands. A balanced ANS is essential for an individual to maintain good health and allows your body to have optimal healing abilities.

Life Vessel treatments last for a period of one hour and are administered in a series of four sessions, typically over a three or four day period. Since every person is different, the number of sessions required is dependent on the individual and the severity of their health challenge.
Commit to drinking up to one gallon of water a day, starting the day before your first session.
Dress Comfortably and casually (loose-fitting clothing and minimal jewelry).